April 5-6, University of Pennsylvania Queer Urgencies conference.

February 21-22. Oxford University.


October 4-7, Keynote, Issues in Critical Investigation, Vanderbilt University.

September 11-12 Keynote, Southern Foodways Alliance Graduate Student Conference






June 18 - 24. Plenary Address. Dartmouth Futures of American Studies. 

April 27. Theatre and Performance Studies Graduate Colloquium, Brown University.

April 20. Drunk Reading, Fermentation. City University of New York.

"So Moved: Ferment, Jelly, Intoxication, Rot."

Craft and Critique Conference, University of Iowa. April 6-7.

"Ferment, Deformation."

English Graduate Students Association. Georgetown University. February 24.

Plenary Panel.

University of California, Los Angeles. Edible Feminisms: On Discard, Waste, and Metabolism. Public Panel, Luskin Conference Center. February 2.


Winton Chair Cornerstone Series

University of Minnesota. March 28-31.


“Crude Matter.”

Invited Keynote at Disjunctions: UC Riverside's annual interdisciplinary graduate conference. October 27-28.

“Food Studies.”

Material Cultures Workshop, Bavarian Academy of Munich. Miami, Florida. June 4-16.

“Against Food.”

Critical Food Studies Conference, Princeton University. April 2, 2016.


“On The Gelatinous.”

California American Studies Association Keynote, May 25. Cal State Fullerton.


“Racial Indigestion.”

ACCUTE: Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English.  Plenary Address. Victoria, B.C.  June 2.


“Racial Indigestion.”

Simmons College, Robert M. Gay Memorial Lecture, April 17.                

“Racial Indigestion.”

College of William and Mary. Williamsburg, Virginia. 2013 Keynote Speaker. February 27.




Invited Talks:


"So Moved: Jelly, Taste, Biopolitics." 

Princeton University, Environmental Humanities and Social Transformation Colloquium. February 28. 


"You Make Me Feel Right Quare."

Rutgers University, Americanist Colloquium. November 16.

"So Moved, Book In Progress." 

Princeton University, Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Works in Progress Series. November 15.

"On The Gelatinous." 

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. October 23.

"You Make Me Feel Right Quare"

Yale, American Studies, April 14.


"On the Gelatinous"

University of California, San Diego. May 20.

“Futures of Food Studies.”

Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity.  Brown University. Faculty Workshop. April 15.

Workshop: Material Affects

University of Toronto, Affect Studies Group, March 4.

“On The Gelatinous.”

University of Chicago, February 4.


“On The Gelatinous.”

Williams College, December 5.

“Symposium: Unauthorized States.”

Northwestern University, Department of English. October 17.

“On The Gelatinous.”

Department of Performance Studies, New York University. October 7.


“Food, Race, Biopolitics.”

Talk and workshop at Northwestern University, Performance Studies Institute. July 2013.

“Hearty and Happy and With A Lively Yeasty Soul.”

Washington University in Saint Louis. October 10-11.



Book Talks:


Seminar on Racial Indigestion:
Eating Bodies in the Nineteenth Century

Carleton College, December 3-4.


“Racial Indigestion.”

NYU Food Studies and the New School, May 1.

“Racial Indigestion.”

Stanford University, April 25.

“Racial Indigestion.”

University of Maryland, American Studies. Baltimore, Maryland. March 7.

“Racial Indigestion.”

University of Pennsylvania Americanists Group. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. February 20.

“Racial Indigestion.”

Bowdoin College. February 12.

“Racial Indigestion.”

Colby College. February 11.




Conference Papers and Lectures:


“Racial Plasticity: Criminality, Intoxication
and Winsor McCay’s Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend.”

Modern Language Association, Philadelphia, PA. January 4-9.


“Surface, Reading, Race: Melville’s Closet Drama.”

Modern Language Association, Austin, Texas. January 6-10.


“Futures of Literary Food Studies.”

Modern Language Association. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. January 5-9. Presenter and Convener.

“Sensation, Matter, Biopolitics.”

Yale University. January 29-30. Invited.


“The New Materialism.”

American Studies Association. Los Angeles, California. November 6. Invited, Guaranteed Panel.

“On the Commons/On Commonality.”

C19: Society of Nineteenth Century Americanists. UNC Chapel Hill. March 15. Invited.

“Circuits of Black Nineteenth-Century Performance.”

Modern Language Association. Chicago, Illinois. January 9-12. Chair.                            


“Texture: Gelatinousness.”

American Studies Association, November 2013, Washington, D.C. Convener.

“Love and Theft at 20” and “Spotlight on New Work.”

Association for Theatre in Higher Education. Orlando, Florida, July 31-August 4, 2013. Invited.

“Melville: On the Gelatinous.”

Performance Studies International, Stanford University. June 26-30, 2013.

“Lifestyle Eugenics: Joel Chandler Harris
and the Biopolitics of Whiteness.”

Modern Language Association. Boston, Massachusetts. January 3-6, 2013.


“Cookbooks: Archives of Domesticity and Dissent.”

American Studies Association, San Juan, Puerto Rico. November 16. Respondent. Invited.

“Archives of Erotiohistoriography:
Whiteness, Martha Stewart, Money Shots.”

C19: The Society for Nineteenth-Century Americanists. Berkeley, California. April 12-15. Invited.


“Beautiful Racism: Trade Cards, Impersonation
and the Drama of the Archive.”

California Institute for the Arts, Santa Clarita, CA. November 15. Invited.

“The Futures of Food Studies.”

American Studies Association, Baltimore, Maryland. October 22. Invited.

“I and My Pudding: Tasting Class in Melville's Fiction.”

Melville Society Panel. Modern Language Association Conference. Los Angeles, CA. January 6-9. Invited.


“Food and Sex, Cannibalism and Sodomy:
Intersections of Desire and Consumption in the Americas.”

Women's Caucus Panel. American Studies Association Conference. San Antonio, Texas.  November 18-21.  Invited.

“Racial Indigestion: The Other, Eating.”

C19: The Society for Nineteenth-Century Americanists Inaugural Conference. Pennsylvania State University: State College, PA. May 19-22, 2010.


“Small Program, Small Campus, Big Responsibilities:
The Challenges of Keeping Women's Studies Programs
Afloat at Liberal Arts Colleges.”

National Women's Studies Association Conference. Atlanta, Georgia. November 12-15. Invited.

“Food As More Than Metaphor: Intersectionality, Pedagogy
and Social Justice in the Food Studies Classroom.”

National Women's Studies Association Conference, 2009. Atlanta, Georgia. November 12-15. Invited.

“Eating The Other and the Other, Eating.”

American Studies Association Conference. Washington, D.C. November 5-8.

“Racial Indigestion: Fletcher and Other Great Masticators.”

Tasting Histories, Conference of the Multi-Campus Research Group on Food. University of California, Davis. February 17-19, 2009.


“Trade Cards as Intermediate Media Between the Theatre and Film.”

Berkshire Conference on the History of Women. Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 12-15, 2008.

“Black Consumers, White Consumers: Reading the
Nineteenth-Century Trade Card from a Food Studies Perspective.”

Notre Dame University. April 3 – April 5, 2008. Invited.

Race and Food Mini-Conference.

University of California at Santa Cruz. January 31-February 2, 2008. Invited.

“Food, Mouths, Eating.”

Association for the Study of Food and Society. New Orleans, Louisiana. June 5-8, 2008.


“Race and Advertising: Thoughts on Urban Consumerism
and Visual Regimes in the Nineteenth Century.”

Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Stanford University. November 24, 2007.

“Connected, Grounded, Surrounded by Academic Freedom?
Still Changing the Languages and Cultures of the Academy.”

A panel sponsored by the Minority Scholar’s Committee. October 12, 2007.

“Race, Food, Space.”

Meeting of the Association of American Geographers. San Francisco, California. April 20, 2007.  Invited.

“Consumer Citizenship, Commodity Consumption and Race in Late Nineteenth-Century Advertising.”

Cultural Studies Association. Portland, Oregon. April 21, 2007.

“‘What’s ‘De Use Talking ‘Bout ‘Dem ‘Mendments?’: Black Commodity Consumption in Chromolithographic Trade Cards.”

28th Annual Conference of the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association (NCSA). Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA, March 8-10, 2007.


“Mentoring Graduate Students of Color.”

American Studies Association Conference. October 11, 2006. Oakland, California. A panel sponsored by the Minority Scholar’s Committee of the American Studies Association.

“Sephardic Identity in Diaspora.”

UCLA Humanities Center. October 26th, 2006. Invited.

“‘Everything 'Cept Eat Me’: Delicious Blackness and White
Racial Constitution in the Nineteenth-Century United States.”

Feast and Famine: The New York University Food Studies Reading Group. February 3, 2006.


“Roundtable Discussion on Methodologies and
Issues for Discussing Race in Food Studies.”

Association for the Study of Food and Society. Portland, Oregon. June 9-12, 2005. Invited.


“Authentic Food.”

American Studies Association. Atlanta, Georgia. November 11th, 2004.

“Spicy Food and the Politics of Bread.”

Association for the Study of Food and Society. Hyde Park Campus of the Culinary Institute of America. June 15, 2004.


“Interdisciplinarity, Intertextuality and
the Open Mouth in Ruth Ozeki’s My Year of Meats.”

Lecture for Professor Paula Moya’s Twentieth-Century Writing by Women of Color. Department of English, Stanford University. Spring 2003.

“Neurasthenia, Diet and the Healthy Female Body
in Louisa May Alcott's Rose in Bloom.”

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS) Conference. Santa Cruz, California. March 20-23

“Neurasthenia, Dietetics and the Ideal American Body.”

Nineteenth Century Studies Association. New Orleans, Louisiana. March 6-8.

“Self pollution: Gendered Erotic Economies in Sylvester Graham's Lecture on Chastity.”

Southern Association of Historians of Medicine and Science. Duke University Medical Center. Raleigh, North Carolina. February 20-23.