Staying With The Trouble

The tentacular ones tangle me in SF. Their many appendages make string figures; they entwine me in the poesis - the making - of speculative fabulation, science fiction, science fact, speculative feminism, soin de ficelle, so far. The tentacular ones make attachments and detachments; they [m]ake cuts and knots; they make a difference; they weave paths and consequences but not determinisms; they are both open and knotted in some ways and not others. SF is storytelling and fact telling; it is the patterning of possible worlds and possible times, material-semiotic worlds, gone, here, and yet to come. I work with string figures as a theoretical trope, a way to think-with a host of companions in sympoetic threading, felting, tangling, tracking, and sorting. I work with and in SF as material-semiotic composting, as theory in the mud, as muddle.

Donna J. Haraway, Staying With The trouble: Making Kin in the Chtulucene. Durham: Duke University Press. 2016.

Kyla Tompkins